Captain Hannon

OVERVIEW: The game follows the exploits of Captain Charlie Hannon and his trusty sidekick ZED.  Chapter One sees the Belanzano, their small freighter ship knocked of course and disabled by an asteroid storm. This is the first game in the Captain Hannon Series.

Chapter One – The Belanzano

Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Belanzano wasn’t the greatest plan but it was a start – he was now free to explore.

After all he was a space captain and he belonged in space!

The freight agent on Morland had been highly sceptical, and downright wary of giving him a freight contract. But after much wrangling he managed to convince her to let the Belanzano’s new captain transport a shipment of Thruster Manifolds to Kirby Station in the Grantham system. Charlie might not make a huge profit on this initial run, but at least he’d be free and once again in charge of his own destiny!

Or so he thought…

Everything had been running smoothly. Well, apart from the onboard A.I ZED seemed to have been modified with a sarcasm personality chip, not to mention a series of minor glitches in just1 about every secondary system onboard the ship. So far Charlie had been unable to disconnect the AI or even reboot it. As for the other issues, they would have to wait.

Nothing he couldn’t fix over time…

Charlie was awoken form a deep slumber in the cockpits rather uncomfortable captain’s chair to the sound of Sirens and banging on the exterior hull plating.  There was a loud explosion from somewhere aft, and all the exterior ships sensors and most of the interior ones had gone offline.

It was going to be one of those days!

What is Captain Hannon?

We are building a large scale sci-fi open world sand box game. You will take the part of Captain Hannon, who’s newly acquired old space freighter has crashed in to an asteroid field during his first cargo delivery run.

There is an initial main story line that will lead you through orientating yourself with the Galaxy and it’s inhabitants. Once you have completed the initial stages you are then in an open world game where your choices and decisions will shape your progress.

Work for the Factions in game delivering goods, mining, doing various combat missions or perhaps work for the Gal-Fed authorities. All these will be built on and expanded as we move though Early Access.

We currently have nine separate in game factions and over 100 missions. Plenty to get your teeth into.

We fully intend to continue the central plot where Hannon is asked to help with everything from A.I rogue infestations to Pirate and Outlaw story plots. You can follow the plot or split off and level up and explore on your own. The choice is yours.

Hannon takes place in an ever growing Galaxy of Planets, stations and asteroid fields. Jump Gates connect these systems. The deeper you go, the more dangerous your travels, the larger the rewards.

The plan

Expanding the Galaxy: Whilst Hannon starts with a few select systems it will rapidly grow to encompass an entire Galaxy of systems and locations.

More Exploration: With each new system added there will be more Planets, and Stations to interact with. Each location given its own faction and law level adding to the feel of the life in the Galaxy.

More Ships: Initially you’re going to be fixing your Ship the Balanzano and flying the Combat Shuttle you have at your disposal. But over time we will be adding a rage of ships for you to collect and use.

More Enemies: Bad guys are everywhere, from Infected Alien A.I’s to the Pirates and outlaws who are making the most of the situation. We intend to build heavily on this. As you travel the Galaxy you will encounter more pirates & outlaws, each tied to the Law level and faction of the systems.

More Professions: Currently we have Asteroid Mining, Cargo Runs, Bounty Hunting etc. We want to grow on this with a slew of new professions to mix into your game play.

Salvage, Engineering, Refining These are on our ‘to-do’ list when it comes to adding extra profession systems.

Art, Sound & Music: We have striven to add new sounds, music and artwork to Hannon but through Early Access funding we will continue to replace and deploy more and more new designs, sounds and sound affects.”

Dev Footnote

We are here for the long haul, what ever it takes to make Hannon a game worthy of your admiration. Early Access will enable us to work with you on bugs, content and with feedback will lead to a fuller and more refined player experience.

I will be pushing out regular updates on the game once released and work closely with the community.

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