Dream Games a Decade & a Half On

For over a decade and a half, we have created a place for people to immerse themselves in an alternative science fiction reality. Take control of their alternative life and explore the depths of their imagination. We have strived to create science fiction at its best, where players keep coming back year-on-year.

I’ve been playing Core-Exiles now for 15 years and I’m still finding new things to do and places to visit. This game is as deep as it is wide and I LOVE IT! – what’s more I don’t think you could find a better level of support from the staff of this game.  – Captain Kilby

We have worked with developers, programmers and artists from all the corners of the globe to bring our ideas and inventions to life. Furthermore, we listen to our community and players, and have adapted over the years to cram as much fun in to our browser based sci-fi games as humanly possible.

Immersive Game Play

We focus on immersive game play, with options and choices being the lynch pin. We believe in giving players options and allowing them to make their career choices, rather than offer cookie cutter ideas.

Over the years we have learnt a lot about what players want from a science fiction browser game and have strived to deliver just that. With players returning year-on-year we believe we have achieved just that.

A Decade + of Content

For over the last decade, we have been constantly adding more content to our games. Tweaking, securing, updating and creating new material for players to seek out and master.

But we are not finished! Unlike a good book or film, we will continue to create new content and new adventures for our valued players for a long time to come.