Captain Hannon

OVERVIEW: The game follows the exploits of Captain Charlie Hannon and his trusty sidekick ZED.  Chapter One sees the Balanzano, their small freighter ship knocked of course and disabled by an asteroid storm. This is the first game in the Captain Hannon Series.

Chapter One – The Balanzano

Charlie had been desperate to get off Morland after being without a ship for over a year. He’d saved every credit he could to pay the deposit on the freighter. Perhaps in hindsight, purchasing the Balanzano wasn’t the greatest plan but it was a start – he was now free to explore.

After all he was a space captain and he belonged in space!

The freight agent on Morland had been highly sceptical, and downright wary of giving him a freight contract. But after much wrangling he managed to convince her to let the Balanzano’s new captain transport a shipment of Thruster Manifolds to Kirby Station in the Grantham system. Charlie might not make a huge profit on this initial run, but at least he’d be free and once again in charge of his own destiny!

Or so he thought…

Everything had been running smoothly. Well, apart from the onboard A.I ZED seemed to have been modified with a sarcasm personality chip, not to mention a series of minor glitches in just1 about every secondary system onboard the ship. So far Charlie had been unable to disconnect the AI or even reboot it. As for the other issues, they would have to wait.

Nothing he couldn’t fix over time…

Charlie was awoken form a deep slumber in the cockpits rather uncomfortable captain’s chair to the sound of Sirens and banging on the exterior hull plating.  There was a loud explosion from somewhere aft, and all the exterior ships sensors and most of the interior ones had gone offline.

It was going to be one of those days!